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Vintage Viking Ring
Vintage Viking Ring
Vintage Viking Ring
Vintage Viking Ring
Vintage Viking Ring
Vintage Viking Ring
Vintage Viking Ring

Vintage Viking Ring

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  • EGVISIR MEANING: The Vegvisir has other names including a Runic compass or Nordic compass. The symbol was made of eight Viking rune staves presenting protection and guidance for the Vikings. It was commonly believed that the Nordic compass was used for navigational purposes by the Vikings.

  • PERFECT VIKING ADD-ON: This Vegvisir ring is the highlight of your fashion sense. Along with special symbol meaning, the Viking ring is impressive by its eye-catching design. The contrast of colors in the Vegvisir ring makes the symbol and patterns more standout and interesting.

  • A GIFT WORTH GIVING: No matter what occasion you plan to gift your beloved, Viking accesory is the best way to express your feelings. Norse jewelry is an ingenious idea because it fuses excellent fashion with true Viking vibe. Two rune beads are added bonus.

  • PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL: Peachloft proudly provides our customers with the Viking jewelry made from the best quality Stainless Steel. We put passion and effort for each Viking jewelry producing the best experiences possible for our customers.


  • Type: Rings

  • Style: Vintage

  • Color: Silver

  • Material: Stainless

  • Weight: 0.039lb / 18g

  • Size: 

Inside Diameter Inside Circumference SIZE
18.1 0.71 57 2.24 8
19 0.75 59.5 2.34 9
19.8 0.78 62.1 2.44 10
20.6 0.81 64.6 2.54 11
21.4 0.84 67.2 2.65 12
22.2 0.87 69.7 2.74 13


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