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Microwave Potato Cooker Bag
Microwave Potato Cooker Bag
Microwave Potato Cooker Bag
Microwave Potato Cooker Bag
Microwave Potato Cooker Bag
Microwave Potato Cooker Bag
Microwave Potato Cooker Bag
Microwave Potato Cooker Bag

Microwave Potato Cooker Bag

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Potato Express is the fast and easiest way to cook oven-baked potatoes in just four minutes. Now you can enjoy perfect, tender potatoes that not to try plus your favorite potato dishes in no time at all with our Microwave Potato Cooker Bag.

Main Features:

  • Baking¬†Potatoes¬†Has¬†Never¬†Been¬†This¬†Easy:Get perfect oven baked potatoes in just minutes with these bags. Slip the potatoes into the bags and place them in the microwave. In 4 minutes you can have fully cooked potatoes. Cut them open, add your favorite baked potato toppings, and enjoy.

  • Requires¬†Zero¬†Effort:¬†With these potato bags, baking potatoes requires zero effort. In just 4 minutes, potatoes can be removed from the microwave and are much likely soft in the center which means they are fully cooked.

  • Works¬†On¬†Any¬†Type¬†Of¬†Potatoes:¬†White, red, sweet, yams and more.

  • Save¬†You¬†Time¬†And¬†Energy:Our potato bags measure approximately 10x8 inches. They will hold 4 medium sized potatoes. Each bag is made of 100% polyester fiber cloth. These bags will save you time and they are energy efficient. They are machine washable and reusable. The photos above will show you how incredible these potato cooking bags are!


  • Place 1-4 washed potatoes into potato¬†bag then close the flap;

  • Place the¬†potato¬†bag¬†in¬†the microwave and cook for 4 minutes.

  • Carefully remove the potato bag from the microwave and carefully remove the potato.

  • Add your favorite baked potato toppings, and enjoy your delicious potatoes.


  • The contents and bags may be hot. Use caution when handling. Read the instruction guide carefully before use. Improper use may result in fire. Microwave use only.

  • DO NOT use in a conventional oven;

  • DO NOT heat on¬†HIGH;

  • DO NOT heat in the microwave without food;

  • DO NOT expose to open flame;

  • DO NOT leave microwave unattended when in use;

  • DO NOT place potato express near a hot surface;

  • DO NOT cook oily or fried foods.

Product Details: 

  • Holds¬†up¬†to¬†4¬†potatoes.

  • Reusable¬†and¬†machine¬†washable.

  • Color:¬†Red

  • Dimensions:¬†10.6¬†x¬†8.4¬†x¬†1.3¬†inches

  • Package contents: 1 or 3¬†√ó Microwave Potato Cooker Bag